PE 7070


The PE 7070 high-end sub-chassis turntable with direct drive is Perpetuum Ebner's flagship. It is the best turntable ever developed and built in St. Georgen.

  • Referenz turntable with direct drive
  • Subchassis drive
  • Manufactured tone arm 9.2 inch (PE TO 2018)
  • recommended with: Ortofon MC Cadenza Bronze
  • XLR and RCA outputs


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PE 7070 - Our direct drive reference

The PE 7070 high-end turntable is the highlight of turntable construction in our factory and the best turntable ever developed and built in St. Georgen. PE's high-end model combines two crucial turntable technologies: a direct drive and a subchassis drive. The spring-loaded and damped bearing of the platter/arm construction provides maximum smoothness and the best decoupling from external resonance influences. In this way, the drive can bring its outstanding synchronization to the platter and thus to the pickup without any further damping or transmission element.

For the first time at PE - a direct drive!

The PE 7070 is the first PE turntable with a direct drive. In cooperation with the German specialist Langer Audio, we have succeeded in developing a brushless direct drive motor that not only achieves excellent synchronization values, but also harmonizes ideally with PE's own subchassis.

With PE TO 2018 Carbon tonearm and the EMT HSD006 or Ortofon MC Cadenza Bronze, it leaves absolutely nothing to be desired and offers everything for customers with the very highest demands.

Included in delivery:

  • Perpetuum Ebner drive PE 7070
  • Tone arm PE TO 2018
  • adjusted Ortofon MC Cadenza Bronze (optional)
  • Transparent dust cover
  • Phono cable Zavfino The Spirit
  • Fine leather cover ATR The Mat
  • electronic tonearm scale


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 34 × 47 × 17,5 cm
Turntable type

Brushless Direct Drive Motor with optoelectronic

Drive type

Electronic Direct Drive


brushless direct drive


Material: Aluminium, damped
Weight: 3 kg
Thickness: 24 mm


9“ Aluminium tone arm PE TO 2018


ohne Tonabnehmer, Ortofon MC Cadenza Bronze


Black oak veneer, cherry veneer, black (high-gloss), walnut veneer, desired color possible, desired veneer possible